Hussain al Nowais Offers Tips on How to Prepare Your Family for a New Puppy

A new puppy can be a welcome addition to any household, but there is always some apprehension in the beginning. “Who’s going to the walk the dog?” “Where are we going to put his food bowl?” “What happens if the dog makes a mess in the living room?” These are all valid questions and ones that will need to be addressed by every family. As a dog lover, himself, Hussain al Nowais remembers exactly how tough it was to convince his parents to allow him the opportunity to have a puppy in the home. With that in mind, he offers several tips to help your household get prepared for the big transition:

Establish Roles in Your Family

Taking care of a puppy requires a wide number of responsibilities. You’ll need to figure out who will feed, walk and clean up after the dog. Sometimes, all of these responsibilities can be handled by one person. In most cases, though, the responsibilities will need to be divided among every member of the household as people have different schedules. Sit down with your family and determine what roles are needed and who should be in charge of what.

Set Up a Place for Your Puppy to Stay

You have a room, right? Your puppy will need a place to call his or her own as well. It’s also very important in the beginning to limit how much your puppy can explore in the beginning, so he or she isn’t overwhelmed and feels safe. It also gives family members a much easier time cleaning up. Remember to put in a bed, toys and food/water bowls, so your puppy will have everything he or she needs.

Puppy-Proof Your Home

One of the things you’ll learn very quickly is that your puppy will want to chew on things. Hussain al Nowais learned this one the hard way as he had a puppy that chewed through his dad’s favorite Sperry Topsiders. In addition to giving your puppy ample chewing toys, bones, etc. you can prevent your puppy from chewing on household items by purchasing non- biting fluid.  The scent of the bitter fluid will deter your puppy from going near these items.

There’s no question that a puppy can be a wonderful addition to a home, but certain precautions must be made beforehand. Before you bring home a puppy, make sure to have a solid plan in place, so the transition is easier for both you and the puppy.

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