Does Hussain al Nowais Think the Eagles Are Super Bowl-bound after Week 1 of Preseason?

If you were listening ton WIP or the Fanatic this past Sunday and didn’t know anything about football, you may have thought the Eagles were Super Bowl-bound. Callers were talking about the stellar play of Barkley and Agholor. The run D looked pretty phenomenal as well. Unfortunately, the temperature for the game was a chill 93⁰, and the Colts did not play their starters for that long. Still with the Phillies’ playoff hopes lower than nil, Hussain al Nowais concedes that the Eagles are the only thing to talk about right now in Philly sports. Here are a few takeaways he had about the game:


What Do We Know about the QB Situation?


According to the national media, the main talking point for the game was Tim Tebow. This is not a strong opinion. Tebow most likely will not make the team unless there is an injury or Chip wants to use him in a non-QB role. He is the fourth best QB on this team even if he got a TD on third stringers.


With regard to our QB situation, it’s still a mystery because Sam Bradford did not play. It’s understandable that Chip wants to preserve his fragile QB, but it is still frustrating for fans to see Bradford on the sidelines in shorts. Bradford is our only shot to win this year. There’s no way Sanchez will get us to a Super Bowl game.


Speaking of that, Barkley may have played himself into the conversation for the backup role. Barkley looked like he really improved his game from last year, and he has picked up the system very well. Sanchez missed a lot of throws that could have been potential TD’s.


What Else Was Notable?


The receiving corps looks like it’s going to be pretty explosive. Although we lost Maclin, Agholor looked just as fast and he made several incredible catches. Jordan Matthews was serviceable, and Miles Austin looks like he’ll be a good third down option.


Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the run game as of yet because Demarco Murray did not play. Neither did Kiko Alonso. Marcus Smith did, though, and he looked much better than last year.


Although we’re a long way away from the playoffs and a potential Super Bowl run, Hussain al Nowais does believe that there are some things to be excited about. What were your favorite parts of the game?

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