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What Does Hussain al Nowais Think of the Papelbon Nationals Controversy?

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Earlier today, Jonathan Papelbon was suspended by the Washington Nationals for allegedly trying to choke out their best player, Bryce Harper. This is the same Bryce Harper who is a frontrunner for the National League MVP this year. According to sources, Papelbon was mad at Harper for not hustling out a few pop ups earlier in the game.

If you’re a Phillies fan, like Hussain al Nowais, you might remember similar charges being levied against Jimmy Rollins, a National League MVP, who was the heart and soul of the Phillies during their awesome run in the mid-2000s, which culminated in World Series win in 2008. Charlie Manual did actually bench Rollins on several occasions for not running out a few fly balls and ground outs.

Yet, benching is way different than choking an individual, and you have to wonder where Papelbon was coming from when he attacked Bryce Harper. It’s been reported that Bryce Harper did call out Papelbon for throwing at Manny Machado’s head twice a few games before. He said that he was afraid that he would be hit as a form of retaliation because it was obvious that Papelbon was intentionally trying to hit Machado after Machado hit a home run earlier in the game.

With the suspension, Papelbon will be out for the rest of the year for the Nationals as the Nationals are officially mathematically out to make the post season. Although Papelbon has been a great reliever and has recorded some fantastic statistics, his attitude has always been in question. As a Phillies closer, he had a few controversies with the fans, and he made some remarks that questioned the leadership and desire of the team to win.

Some “baseball” people have suggested that Papelbon was in the right to address Harper’s lack of hustle, but this really is insane. He didn’t talk to him after the game in private; he committed a violent attack against a teammate that could have resulted in the team’s best player to be hurt. Papelbon may be talented, but he is also a hothead, and it’s left to be seen whether a team will want to deal with his baggage in the future.

Hussain al Nowais is happy that the Phillies no longer have Papelbon to deal with and looks forward to a hopefully short rebuilding period that will lead to a Phillies resurgence. For Papelbon, all one can hope is that he grows up and realizes that playing baseball the “right” way also means acting like a civilized human being.


Hussain al Nowais Reminisces about Chase Utley

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Although Jake Arietta struck out Chase Utley to get his no-hitter a few days ago, Hussain al Nowais believes that the Dodgers made a great move in obtaining Chase to cement their playoff run. Chase Utley was a major part of the 2008 run. He also almost got the Phillies a second title with his amazing home run streak in the World Series.

Now he’s gone to make room for emerging younger infielders, and it is quite a shame. This is certainly probably more nostalgia than anything else because Chase did have to go. He’s in the twilight of his career and his skills have diminished significantly. He may have been an all-star this year, but this year he has spent most of his time below the Mendoza Line.

No, Chase definitely had to go, which is a shame because his five year run as the second basement between 2005 and 2010 were some of the best ever seen of someone in a Phillies uniform. Jimmy Rollins may have been the voice of the team, and Ryan Howard was the muscle, but Chase was the heart. He had the unique combination of talent and grit to make his play every day ever the more inspiring.

When he retires, Chase will probably not make the Hall of Fame. He simply doesn’t have the numbers to justify a bid. You can blame that to injury. Chase has experienced a number of injuries over the years, and these injuries have significantly diminished his output. If you never saw him play and just looked at his numbers, you might say that he was a serviceable second basemen.

However, anyone in Philadelphia would tell you something very different. Harry Kalas was famous for saying, “Chase Utley, you are the man!” He is not wrong. Chase didn’t come up to the Big Leagues with a tremendous glove, but he worked on it to the point where he was pretty dependable. It was his swing, though, that he will be famous for. He had such a quick, short swing that he left many pitchers wondering just how exactly he was able to hit that ball out of the park.

We’re a long ways away from 2008, but Hussain al Nowais and many other Philadelphians still remember that team quite well. Now Ryan Howard and Chooch are the only remaining players from that great team. Chase may be gone, but he won’t be forgotten. Here’s to Chase hopefully earning another title in Los Angeles to complete his career.


Does Hussain al Nowais Think the Eagles Are Super Bowl-bound after Week 1 of Preseason?

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If you were listening ton WIP or the Fanatic this past Sunday and didn’t know anything about football, you may have thought the Eagles were Super Bowl-bound. Callers were talking about the stellar play of Barkley and Agholor. The run D looked pretty phenomenal as well. Unfortunately, the temperature for the game was a chill 93⁰, and the Colts did not play their starters for that long. Still with the Phillies’ playoff hopes lower than nil, Hussain al Nowais concedes that the Eagles are the only thing to talk about right now in Philly sports. Here are a few takeaways he had about the game:


What Do We Know about the QB Situation?


According to the national media, the main talking point for the game was Tim Tebow. This is not a strong opinion. Tebow most likely will not make the team unless there is an injury or Chip wants to use him in a non-QB role. He is the fourth best QB on this team even if he got a TD on third stringers.


With regard to our QB situation, it’s still a mystery because Sam Bradford did not play. It’s understandable that Chip wants to preserve his fragile QB, but it is still frustrating for fans to see Bradford on the sidelines in shorts. Bradford is our only shot to win this year. There’s no way Sanchez will get us to a Super Bowl game.


Speaking of that, Barkley may have played himself into the conversation for the backup role. Barkley looked like he really improved his game from last year, and he has picked up the system very well. Sanchez missed a lot of throws that could have been potential TD’s.


What Else Was Notable?


The receiving corps looks like it’s going to be pretty explosive. Although we lost Maclin, Agholor looked just as fast and he made several incredible catches. Jordan Matthews was serviceable, and Miles Austin looks like he’ll be a good third down option.


Unfortunately, we don’t know anything about the run game as of yet because Demarco Murray did not play. Neither did Kiko Alonso. Marcus Smith did, though, and he looked much better than last year.


Although we’re a long way away from the playoffs and a potential Super Bowl run, Hussain al Nowais does believe that there are some things to be excited about. What were your favorite parts of the game?

Three Things to Do in Philadelphia this August

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Although the summer is winding down, there is still plenty to do in August in Philadelphia. Hussain al Nowais has spent the last few years studying at the University of Pennsylvania, and although he doesn’t have much time to do things during the school year, the summer usually lends itself to a little more free time. Therefore, he has partaken in a number of concerts, festivals, and, of course, Phillies games during his time in University City. If you are visiting the City of Brotherly Love in the month of August, here are a few things to check out.


See a Concert: There are a number of good concerts and music festivals that are coming out in the month of August. Phish, for example, will be playing at the Mann Center on August 12th. Not a Phish fan. Check out the Made in America festival on September 5th and 6th (okay close enough) at the Ben Franklin Parkway. This year’s festival will include Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kings of Leon.


Check out Some Artwork: The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s steps might be famous in their own right through the Rocky movies, but have you actually gone inside? The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a world-class art museum with work from master artists from every major school of art and it often features several exhibits that you won’t find anywhere else. For the rest of the summer until early fall, “Northern Lights: Scandinavian Design” will be featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This exhibit will feature Scandinavian Design from its humble beginnings to today.


Go to a Phillies Game: Yes, the Phillies might not be at their very best right now (Hussain al Nowais has written extensively about their horrible season in the past), but summer baseball is still summer baseball. It’s the best time of year to go out with friends or family, have some crackers jacks or nachos, and enjoy a game on a warm day or evening. If you want to see good baseball, there are a number of good teams that are coming to Citizens Bank Park in August, including the Braves, Dodgers, and Blue Jays.


If you’re visiting Philly or are a lifelong resident, these are several suggestions Hussain al Nowais would make. Or go explore the city yourself and create your own adventure in the city. You’re bound to find something fun to do in Philadelphia.

Hussain al Nowais Discusses Senior Year of College

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If you were to write a biography about Hussain al Nowais at this point, these Junior Year finals would have their own chapter. I’m not going to lie. These exams were tough as I was taking some of the more advanced courses for my degree in finance. Plus, I’m going to one of the best business schools in the country (Wharton), so the bar is set really high.

I’m happy to report that even though I slept maybe 10 hours all week, I was able to get all A’s on my coursework for the semester. While I will probably take a week now just to relax, I have to be mindful of the fact that the summer before senior year is so important for my future job prospects. Here are several things college students must remember before they start their senior years:

Build Your Network Now: Before you know it, you’ll have your degree and be on the job search. According to most recruiting experts, 80% of all jobs founds are through networking opportunities. Therefore, it’s important to build your network now as you’re still in school. Your network should include family, friends, former colleagues, other students, professors, and others in your profession whom you have come into contact with. You never know where your first job will come from.

Build Your Resume Now: Recruiters will want to know what you did this summer. Even if you didn’t get that big internship, it doesn’t mean you should spend the entire summer catching up on Netflix or going to the beach every day. You can volunteer, get a summer job, or even travel to enrich your life experience. You would be surprised what would make you a more valuable candidate in the eyes of a recruiter. Just read a biography of some of the most successful businessmen, and there’s always some sort of an anomaly that led to their success.

Build a List of Potential Employers: Many major corporations have recruiting cycles, which means that they will only actively meet with new hire candidates at certain times. Therefore, it’s a good idea to make a list of potential companies that you would like to work for and make yourself more marketable in their eyes. Take a look at when they hire, who they hire, what they value in a candidate, etc.

As you enjoy your summer, remember that this is the time when you could really make a difference in raising your profile and improve your job prospects.