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What Does Hussain al Nowais Think of the Papelbon Nationals Controversy?

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Earlier today, Jonathan Papelbon was suspended by the Washington Nationals for allegedly trying to choke out their best player, Bryce Harper. This is the same Bryce Harper who is a frontrunner for the National League MVP this year. According to sources, Papelbon was mad at Harper for not hustling out a few pop ups earlier in the game.

If you’re a Phillies fan, like Hussain al Nowais, you might remember similar charges being levied against Jimmy Rollins, a National League MVP, who was the heart and soul of the Phillies during their awesome run in the mid-2000s, which culminated in World Series win in 2008. Charlie Manual did actually bench Rollins on several occasions for not running out a few fly balls and ground outs.

Yet, benching is way different than choking an individual, and you have to wonder where Papelbon was coming from when he attacked Bryce Harper. It’s been reported that Bryce Harper did call out Papelbon for throwing at Manny Machado’s head twice a few games before. He said that he was afraid that he would be hit as a form of retaliation because it was obvious that Papelbon was intentionally trying to hit Machado after Machado hit a home run earlier in the game.

With the suspension, Papelbon will be out for the rest of the year for the Nationals as the Nationals are officially mathematically out to make the post season. Although Papelbon has been a great reliever and has recorded some fantastic statistics, his attitude has always been in question. As a Phillies closer, he had a few controversies with the fans, and he made some remarks that questioned the leadership and desire of the team to win.

Some “baseball” people have suggested that Papelbon was in the right to address Harper’s lack of hustle, but this really is insane. He didn’t talk to him after the game in private; he committed a violent attack against a teammate that could have resulted in the team’s best player to be hurt. Papelbon may be talented, but he is also a hothead, and it’s left to be seen whether a team will want to deal with his baggage in the future.

Hussain al Nowais is happy that the Phillies no longer have Papelbon to deal with and looks forward to a hopefully short rebuilding period that will lead to a Phillies resurgence. For Papelbon, all one can hope is that he grows up and realizes that playing baseball the “right” way also means acting like a civilized human being.


Three Things to Do in Philadelphia this August

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Although the summer is winding down, there is still plenty to do in August in Philadelphia. Hussain al Nowais has spent the last few years studying at the University of Pennsylvania, and although he doesn’t have much time to do things during the school year, the summer usually lends itself to a little more free time. Therefore, he has partaken in a number of concerts, festivals, and, of course, Phillies games during his time in University City. If you are visiting the City of Brotherly Love in the month of August, here are a few things to check out.


See a Concert: There are a number of good concerts and music festivals that are coming out in the month of August. Phish, for example, will be playing at the Mann Center on August 12th. Not a Phish fan. Check out the Made in America festival on September 5th and 6th (okay close enough) at the Ben Franklin Parkway. This year’s festival will include Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Kings of Leon.


Check out Some Artwork: The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s steps might be famous in their own right through the Rocky movies, but have you actually gone inside? The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a world-class art museum with work from master artists from every major school of art and it often features several exhibits that you won’t find anywhere else. For the rest of the summer until early fall, “Northern Lights: Scandinavian Design” will be featured at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. This exhibit will feature Scandinavian Design from its humble beginnings to today.


Go to a Phillies Game: Yes, the Phillies might not be at their very best right now (Hussain al Nowais has written extensively about their horrible season in the past), but summer baseball is still summer baseball. It’s the best time of year to go out with friends or family, have some crackers jacks or nachos, and enjoy a game on a warm day or evening. If you want to see good baseball, there are a number of good teams that are coming to Citizens Bank Park in August, including the Braves, Dodgers, and Blue Jays.


If you’re visiting Philly or are a lifelong resident, these are several suggestions Hussain al Nowais would make. Or go explore the city yourself and create your own adventure in the city. You’re bound to find something fun to do in Philadelphia.